Eric Souther

Video, Code, New Media Art


43min 37 sec, 1280 X 720 HD

Collaboration with Mnemosyne Quartet


Analog Drift tells the story of an artificial intelligence and its journey to learn the audio-visual language of its creators. The AI decodes the music and the visual as data and attempts to process and synthesize its own creative voice. As the AI learns, it starts a dialog with performers and eventually collaborates alongside its creators.


Analog Drift is an immersive audiovisual performance that has 14 performers, surround sound, and three projections. The pitch and amplitude of the live performers are annualized in real-time and used to generate changes in the video in both accessing a video database and also generating shapes. Both Processing and Max/msp are used in tandem utilizing syphon.

Featured video artist

Eric Souther


Ensemble in residence

Hillary Sametz, viola

Joshua Wise, cello

Sharra Wagner, clarinet

Michael Miller, bass clarinet

Mai Todokoro, vibraphone

Derek Shapiro, conductor


Recording Engineer

Josh Wise


Plus Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes (EIO) and Mnemosyne Quartet

EIO is Brian Padavic, Bass

Ryan Oldham, trumpet

David McIntire, clarinet


Mnemosyne Quartet is

Eli Hougland, electronics

Michael Miller, bass clarinet

Russell Thorpe, saxophones

Ted King-Smith, saxophones

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