New Media Artist, Toolmaker

Synaptic Transmissions, Audio-Visual Performance

12-15 min., 1280 x 720 HD


Synaptic Transmissions is an audio-visual performance that journeys through the abstract space of synapses firing in the brain. Eric Souther steers the flow and direction of the cerebrum travel, every turn triggering audio-visual responses in the real-time system.


Work was developed with support from Signal Culture during a Residency in 2015. Th piece utilizes a color wobbulator, designed by Jason Bernagozzi and Dave Jones, and the Signal Culture Maelstrom App developed by Eric Souther & Jason Bernagozzi.

Fragmented Realities, 2016

36min, 1280 X 720 HD

Collaboration with Mnemosyne Quartet


Mnemosyne Quartet with video artist Eric Souther presented Fragmented Realities, an immersive performance installation, where the sonic properties and the iconic imageries of favorite Kansas City locales were recontextualized inside La Esquina. These environments were enhanced and augmented through electronic manipulation and live improvisation. Those in attendance were the option to participate in the performance, by streaming and projecting a unique audio track from their mobile devices.


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