Eric Souther

Video, Code, New Media Art

Multiplying Muybridge, 2014

720 x 480 SD Wide-screen


Multiplying Muybridge is a hybrid analog/digital performance that recontextualizes Eadweard Muybridge’s late nineteenth century chronophotography, to both critique and analyze the language of film through the immediacy of video. The work utilizes an analog synthesizer to create real-time pattern generation in processing. Processing sends those frames then to Max/msp for live chroma-keying. Direct changes to the audio change how you see the layers of video. Audio is controlled via interacting with the synthesizers LFO's, depth sensors connected to control voltage to synth, and variables from drift speed from processing controls pitch on two VCOs.

The video above documents Multiplying Muybridge performance @ The Everson Museum on Sept. 20th, 2014 at the opening of Performing Media: Works by Signal Culture Artists in Residence.

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