Eric Souther

Video, Code, New Media Art

Red Premises, Real-Time Video Database, 2012

performance 6–8min, 1280 x 720 HD


How do you define the color red or recognize red? Wikipedia defines red by referencing different objects—the color of blood and strawberries. Philosophers have written entire books discussing these questions of color (Wittgenstein and Goethe) that have implications beyond questions of color for questions regarding epistemology and ontology.


The aesthetic arbitrariness of capturing an image solely because a color is present in that image is similar to the arbitrariness of the sound of the word “red” applying to the internal mental representation of red. Read More...


Red Premises is a collaborative video database that constructs and deconstructs the idea/concept of 'red'. Artists Christopher Biggs and Eric Souther collected videos of red objects, places, and things over the span of six months.

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