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Ritual for the Death of a Tree, 4-Channel Video, 2013

23min, 1920 x 1080 HD


we live and walk on their bones

we are protected by their shade and nourished by their fruit

            they have an enormous capacity to adsorb our suffering since they have an abundance

of good will and generosity

       since the early stages of human religions & their development

       TREES have been held as sacred and divine

                              their branches stretch

              to the cosmos

      they sit FIRM on the earth

                  their roots reach the underworld...


                        The TREE of knowledge

                        The TREE of LIFE

                        The TREE of  TRUTH

                        The TREE of the revealer

                        The Bodhi or bo TREE

                        The Celestial TREE

                        The TREEs of the four corners


 There is an innate power of TREES.

 They offer us protection from both physical and spiritual illness.


  We drink and bath of their essence.

   We seek their advise and listen to their whispers through the rustling.

    We marry them and depend on them for fertility

     We worship them and obtain enlightenment under them

      We build sacred temples and statues from their fiber

       We burn them for warmth

         We have ritualized them, prayed to them, and hold them as sacred and with reverence.


  Why then, do we not ritualize their DEATH?

Ritual Location: +39° 53' 9.79", -92° 44' 37.66"

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