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Intermedial Improvisation by the Audio Visual Collective

Interactive max patch, 2018


Audio-Visual Collective @ IU South Bend performed Intermedial Improvisation at the Electroacoustic Ensemble Summit at Ball State University.

Performers: Eric Souther, Jon Carton, Jerry Tittle, Adam Kolacz, Jo Squadroni, Ryan Olivier


Anthropocene, Jeremy Tittle

Audio-visual performance, 2018


This piece was created in collaboration with Sebastian Sanchez-Piotrowski. Performed in part of the 2018 Kansas City Performing media festival. Special thanks to Eric Souther, the Charlotte Street Foundation, and the Mnemosyne Quartet.


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Sonification of Asian Pottery Data by Taylor Wiley

Interactive max patch, 2018


The sonification of archaeological data is a very novel concept, one that has yet to be utilized by researchers in the archaeological field for “serious” work. It is hoped that in the future, with better sharing practices, members of the digital archaeology community, as well as other potentially interested parties such as artists, can take advantage of the data more and create more auditory representations that can potentially shape how we view it.


Performing Media Festival Documentation

Audio-Visual Performances (First three are student projects), 2018


The Performing Media Festival [PMF~] showcases audio-visual performances produced by the Audio Visual Collective, a student and faculty group represented by both the Integrated New Media Studies and Music Departments in the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts at Indiana University South Bend and professionals working in the field.


Vaporwave Nation by Rosa Hernadez, 2017

4 min 12sec, 1280 x 720 HD


Experimental documentary on media ecology, a project for TEL-T 283 Production Techniques and Practices.


Lost at Heart | Beloved by Alyssa Neece, 2016

4 min 1920 x 1080 HD


Lost at Heart is a visual album of three short films. These films could be attributed as movie paintings, taking an aesthetic and surreal approach at discussing experiences of loss. Whether it is through the loss of love, the loss of community, or the loss of our selves - there is the potential of new life after these little deaths.


Incandescendance: 10 Projections by TEL-T 430 class, 2016

3 min reel, 1920 x 1080 HD


Ten Integrated New Media Students from IU South Bend presented their exhibition titled Incandescendance: 10 Projections on April 20th, 2016. The exhibition was a part of my student's final project in a Topical Seminar course I designed in 3D Projection Mapping.


Students Included:

Ryan Shields, Luke Smith, Gordon Snyder, Jeffery Wojcik, Austin Wray, Evan Bickel

Ashley Deal, Bryan Lewis, Eric Panagiotis, Sheehan Probst


Verna by Mark Sniadecki, 2015

1920 x 1080 HD, 3min, 34sec.


This piece was generated as an expression of my annual love affair with the turning of the seasons. Winter is the hardest time to bear, and the vernal metamorphosis never fails to feel miraculous. In the first portion of this animation, I acknowledge the aesthetic beauty of the early snows, but recognize that as they lock the landscape under ice, my experience will be met with lengthening darkness. By February the outdoors--and my own thought process--often feels like a leaden wall, bitterly immovable and colorless, anathema to inspiration. I bide my time through the mental static until, finally, the wheel turns back toward the fires of summer, first softening and flowing into spring. As lush life begins to grow again, so I feel myself revived as well. Color returns. There is hope for another year.


Jake neece

Nocturne In Black and Gold by Jake Neece, 2014

4min 35sec, 1920 x 1080 HD, real-time particle system


An audio-reactive version of Whistler's "Nocturne in Black and Gold" driven by Chopin's "Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor". Final Project for INMS-A 399 Artist and New Media.


The Shamans's Dream by Sky Santiago, 2015

1920 x 1080 HD, Single Channel Video


his video is part of my SMART Summer Creative Research Fellowship and will accompany an installation piece, which is a prototypical tipi-styled lodge, meant to represent the Shaman's Dreaming Lodge. The Shaman and his Dream reside at the Sacred Center. Through the Axis Mundi, the Shaman traverses the three worlds to gather knowledge for the community, for healing, and for guidance.


When Does a House Die by Mark Sniadecki, 2012

2 min. 44 sec. 720 x 480 SD


An exploration of the decay of a house from the inside-out. Basements in particular are where we allow houses to truly show their age, and it's also where their biology is most evident--the pipes and wiring crawl up walls and weave through rafters, hanging like tired nerves and varicose veins. What I discovered as I made the piece, however, is that the act of editing the video and applying the audio produced a sort of heartbeat in the house, giving it a sense of life that a still photograph wouldn't capture.


i don't usually imbibe on libations by Sean Hasty, 2015

6 min. 38 sec. 1920 x 1080 HD, Single Channel Video


The film is meant to visually resemble 70s and 80s low-budget filmmaking. Bar crowd, traffic sounds, whistling wind, and laughing girls were all sourced from All other audio was originally recorded and mixed.


Output to Atmosphere by Juli. C., 2013

6 min. 33 sec., 1920 x 1080 HD

Documentation of real-time audio-visual interface created in processing


A meditation on fragmented signals of world culture being broadcast into the Atmosphere. Final project INFO-I 310 Multimedia Arts and Technology.


AWAKE by Lia Mirkhabutdinova-Martin, 2014


Students where given loose parameters to create short narrative using dream logic. Single channel video created for FINA-S 300 Video Art.


Blood And Strawberries: Colors of The Web by Mark Sniadecki, 2012

2 min. 28 sec., 1920 x 1080 HD, Single Channel Video


The internet presents us not only with collective knowledge, but a sense of collective perception. By this, I mean that the visual representation of an idea can become defined for the user by an averaging of the countless TIFFs, JPGs, and other image files that are tied to keywords--and Google Image Search may be the most frequently accessed channel of such perception. If I approached the concept of "blue" without ever having experienced it, what would the web convey to me? For "Blood And Strawberries" I entered simple, single-word search terms for each of the primary and secondary colors, in addition to black, white, and gray, then captured the resulting screens of image thumbnails just as they appeared. Experiencing the web is rarely a static exercise, however, so I have animated the final results to provide the sense of movement and flow one would encounter while browsing... and then some.



World of WoW by  Daniel Wolters, 2012

4 min. 48 sec., 1920 x 1080 HD, Single Channel Video


Character ponders the many paths he could take to get his mail while playing World of Warcraft. Single channel video created for FINA-S 300 Video Art.


Formica by Mark Sniadecki, 2012

1 min. 57 sec., 1920 x 1080 HD, Single Channel Video


In all honesty, this was just fun. But if you want a deeper analysis of metaphors, I'll tell you about ants and people and how I turned the machine of society into a giant piano. Although I do like to imbue meaning into my work, there is a part of me that will always find value in the simple elegance of pure Design.


This is an example of how art can come from the most off-hand things. I just happened to catch this little fellow with my camera, and was going through some various permutations in Premier, when I realized I had enough to create something much bigger. Then I remembered a piece of music I'd been eager to use, and the synthesis was complete.


The Journey by Aaron Kuzdas, 2016

1 min. 19 sec. 1920 x 1080HD, Single Channel Video


 Eyes, faces, the human figure, these products are relatable characteristics to all people. I use these images as pieces to reconstruct the self into an ideal form. This ideal form can then be reflected to create echoes. The echoes are multiple forms with differing characteristics, yet they all spawn from the same source. These copies can be manipulated as a form of puppetry to express the concept of multiple selves. This metaphysical perspective turns the view of others onto themselves, like a mirror.


Past Progressive by K Wilson, 2012

3 min. 55 sec. 1920 x 1080HD, Single Channel Video


past progressive 

noun Grammar . (in English)

a verb form consisting of an auxiliary be in the past tense followed by a present participle and used especially to indicate that an action or event was incomplete or in progress at a point of reference in the past, as was sleeping in I was sleeping when the phone rang.


bothered down the ages, 2014

2 min. 30 sec. 1920 x 1080HD, Single Channel Video

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