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Phosphortron, 2019-Present


Phosphortron is a video instrument that simulates phosphor trails found in analog cathode ray tube oscilloscopes and television monitors. The instrument uses a computer vision technique called frame difference, which compares the current frame vs the previous frame looking for change. The threshold controls how much change needs to happen for a pixel light up. The trail duration controls how long previous information stays on screen before fading away, the simulated phosphors.


In CRT monitors, a cathode-ray tube contains one or more electron guns which directs electron beams onto a phosphor-coated screen to create images. The phosphors illuminate, or glow, when excited by the electron particles. In oscilloscopes, like those used for radar or medical imaging, the illumination undergoes a slow decay and continue to glow long after the electrons have excited the phosphor coating. Conversely, in television and videogame screens the decay rate is much shorter, as images more quickly replace one another. Edge detection is utilized in conjunction with frame difference, to isolate and accentuate the outlines to loosen the raster image towards the simulated aesthetics of vector drawing.


Phosphortron reimagines the CRT screen, highlighting its materiality through an exaggerated decay rate. As images move across the screen, layers of phosphor trails partake in a shimmering neon green dance, past and present merge and converge, slowly disintegrating over time, recalling the images experiments created by pre-video artists such as Mary Ellen Bute, Ben Laposky, Karl Otto Götz and Josef Stanislaw Ostoja-Kotkowski.

Signal Culture Applications, 2016-Present


The Signal Culture Apps gives you access to custom professional video and new media software applications for producing real-time experimental media artworks. Great for artists, VJ's, designers and hobbyists!


  • All SC Apps feature a range of frame rates and dimensions for both SD and HD workflows.
  • These apps have external device support including easy midi controller assignment, external video cards, and live feed processing from webcams and external streaming devices.
  • Apps also feature OSC, Syphon and Spout Integration to send/receive messages or video to and from other OSC/Syphon/Spout devices and software in real time!
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Signal Culture Apps are designed for Mac OSX 10.9 or newer or Windows 10.

All Signal Culture Apps are developed by Jason Bernagozzi and Eric Souther.

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